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Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's needs to be BIGGER!

I have found that I really love making chunky, funky big yarns.  But I'm using a Louet S10 spinning wheel and the orifice is just too small for these larger diameter art yarns.  I literally have to push the yarn through the orifice with a knitting needle.  Yep, getting tired of doing that.  So I'm on a search for a bigger and better wheel.  Right now I'm looking at the Ashford Country wheel.  The orifice is almost one inch.  I'm drooling over the Aura, but it's double the price.  Here are some pictures of my yarn, which will be part of my new collection called Coral Reef.


  1. I'm a follower... but I understand your pain with the small orifice. That's why I got a bulky flyer for my Sonata! :)

  2. it looks fantastic...all the best from Switzerland,

  3. I am coming over from your FB page and am now a follower. This yarn looks amazing! Do you have any pictures of finished items made from it?