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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did I hear someone say Wool fest?

I thought since I was now an official member of the fiber community I needed to become a Ravlery member.  I received a message from a local group looking for vendors for a local fiber fest.  I had plenty of yarns I could sell and thought why not.  It was more of a hands on exhibit kind of fest where I could also sell some of my yarns.

So I had this idea to buy pretty baskets, fill them with various types of fiber, print of picture of the animal it came from and attach the picture to the basket.  I then made yarn from each of the fibers and put it in front of the basket so the kids could see the animal it came from, the raw fiber and the finished product. 

My husband made me a sheep made from peg board that was the cutest thing ever!  We set that up with some of my yarns attached to it to make the sheeps wool. 

It all came together exactly like I had in my minds eye…that was a first!  Hundreds of people came through with their kids and they loved the exhibit.  I finally met other spinners and yarn store owners that asked me to teach them my dying and spinning techniques.  This was the first time I had met other fiber people, as I had been a lone wolf learning everything on my own.    What a wonderful day talking about fiber and making new friends.


  1. Love the sheepie peg board..too cute!

  2. Love this setup! It is a great way to share the fluff in a pretty way!!