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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's in a name?

Now that I was spinning and wanted to sell my wares I needed a name for my “company”.  I had named of my alpacas Camaje (pronounced ka-ma-shey) and thought that would give the name a sort of exotic flavor. The name came from using the first 2 letters of my daughters names- Carissa, Marla and Jessica.   I did a google search for Camaje and found a restaurant in New York City had the same name.  Darn!  I wrote to them and told them I was thinking of naming my business Camaje, but of course could not because they had already used the name, but I was curious as how they got the name.  They told me the three owners used the first 2 letters of their wives names!  What a weird coincidence.  I asked them if they wouldn’t mind if I just took of the “e” and called my yarn co. Camaj.  They were more than happy to let me do that and a name was born!

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