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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays:)

It's been a while since I've blogged, but for some reason the darn program would not let me post!  So finally I get it working.  I have done a few shows around town and the picture shows just a sample of the yarns I have spun.  I would have to say I have spun at least 100 skeins of yarn.

I did a three day show a few weeks back and spun for three days straight.  A couple days after that my right leg and ankle started to hurt.  Shin splints, I believe.  Who knew?

The last show I did was at a local cultural center.  I absolutely love the small, homegrown shows.  I even met a "lost boy of Sudan".   He was part of some 20,000 misplaced children during the war in Sudan and they sent them all across the US to start a new life.  My booth neighbor was a young man from Ghana that started a company to help the women out in that country by providing them with income from selling their woven baskets in the US.  Man and are they nice baskets.  I bought two and they will sit beside my couch to hold my many fibery delights and I will look at them fondly knowing they were made by hands of a true artisan.

So, one of the things that sold like hotcakes at the shows are my new dryer balls. Yes, dryer balls. They are a solid wool ball that you throw in the dryer with your wet clothes.  They fluff up the clothes as they dry letting the air circulate, cutting your drying time by about 25%.  They eliminate the need for a dryer sheet and clothes are more wri
nkle free.  I use 10, but I think you could use as little as 5.  But the more you use the better the results.  Check my Etsy in a couple of weeks for more amazing dryer balls:) 

I've been busy destashing, as my husband is having trouble walking through our small basement...oops.  Little does he know he's making room for more stuff...shh don't tell him.

I'm getting busy for Christmas, shipping gifts, yarns and batts.  I have some amazing fleeces waiting for me to wash and dye them.  I have the most amazing merino fleece!  It's virtually has no VM, is very fine, crimpy and cards with no noils.  That is gonna be something special.

So if I don't talk to you all before the holiday, I wish you all a very, merry, happy and healthy holiday:)  I love and appreciate you all!

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