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Monday, July 11, 2011

Turning poop into gold

I received this Blueface Leicester fleece about a month ago.  I finally threw it on the skirting table and man was I surprised.  It was the  dirties, greasiest, stinkiest fleece I ever had.  This was going to be a scouring challenge.  I soaked part of the fleece in a huge bucket of cold water overnight.  The next day I washed it in super hot water with Dawn dishwashing liquid.  It was so dirty I had to wash it twice.  I rinsed it two times and in the final rinse I added a little Unicorn Rinse.  Right after the final rinse I chucked it in a pot of dye.  Man did it ever turn out lovely, shiny and silky soft.

Scouring, or washing, raw wool is all about chemical reactions.  Once you understand the way soap reacts with grease and water temperature you are golden.  I did a quick video on how to wash wool if anyone is interested in seeing my side of the golden fleece.


  1. So that's not brown wool? Man, that is a dirty fleece.

  2. You don't use Dawn in your video...why on the fleece?