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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dye baby dye

I love dying wool and yarn.  I have been using the Country Classic brand dyes, but have recently tried the Jacquard dyes.  The Country Classic have citric acid right in the dye powder and have more of a veriegation of colors.  For example, the Pansy will turn out many shades of purple.   Where the Jacquards do not have the citric acid included, the colors are extremely vivid and do not have the veriegation....the purple is just purple.

If you want a good book on dying fiber check them out on amazon.  My favorite book is "Dying to Knit" by Elaine Eskesen.  A color wheel is also a great tool for the dyer.

I usualy kettle dye my wool top, but had fun today dying my wool top with dye stock solution.  My last post was how to make the dye stock solution.  My most recent video shows you how to use that stock solution to dye wool top.  Take a look and have fun!

How to dye wool top
You can use the same technique to dye wool yarn

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